Best Tips for a Successful Sushi Party

It’s almost the Pre-Holiday season and most of us are already thinking about parties and gatherings. If you feel like this year you want to try out the position of being the host of your party, there are few things to consider, like what foods, drinks, desserts and decorations to choose. So, how about this year you do something a little different and go for an excellent sushi party. Your friends will definitely enjoy the delicious food and the great atmosphere you’ll create.

Here are some helpful tips for putting out a great sushi themed spread while maintaining the energy to enjoy the party.

Prepare the right portions

When it comes to sushi at a party, people will surely never hold back. Usually everyone goes crazy over the serving sushi at parties and events. So, plan on 6-8 pieces per person - however if your crowd is specifically sushi-crazy, try planning 10 pieces per person.

Choose the right types of sushi rolls

For party platters, thick rolls (futomaki) and inside out rolls (ura maki) usually work really well. And, because sushi is generally best eaten right as it is prepared, both of these types of rolls can be made a couple of hours ahead of time. Make sure to cover them with a good wrapping of plastic film and refrigerate. Remove from refrigerator 15 minutes before serving.

Choose a variety of tastes and textures

When you are planning the menu, think of non-sushi items, too. Consider providing 3-4 items that offer a variety of tastes and textures. A few of your great options could be: edamame, dumplings, noodle salad, meat filled buns and nuts.

Create a signature drink

Delicious sake is always great, however cocktails infused with Asian flavors will definitely appeal to a festive vibe.

Remember dessert

If you like sweets, like most people do, then ginger cookies, chocolate dipped fruit, mini cupcakes, and indoor s’mores could make for delicious treats at your sushi party. There’s no need to only stick to Asian dessert. You could of course add Asian flavors, too - the important thing is to just go with what you like.

Best Tips for a Successful Sushi Party Hannya Restaurants making an event memorable and delicious

You can always hire a sushi caterer

If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about planning a party, but you really want to be the host, then you can always opt for professional catering services.

Find a great sushi bar, with delicious sushi and go for it. Basically, if you want to enjoy the event you are planning and savor every moment, all you need to do is choose the perfect caterer to take care of all your dining needs. The best part is, they do all the work, and you’ll get all the praise.

We recommend Hannya Restaurants for a successful, delicious Sushi Party! To see their Menu, visit their website.



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