Healthy and Nutritional Eating Tips during Christmas

Healthy and Nutritional
      Eating Tips during Christmas

With Christmas just round the corner everyone is all geared up to take a well-deserved break and spend quality time with family. This means lots of indulging in all your favorite cookies and pastries that are displayed so nicely. However with all those culinary temptations, one must be careful not to eat way too much. It’s important to pay attention to the nutritional value even while enjoying all those lip smacking Christmas goodies.

Take a look at some tips for healthy and nutritional eating during Christmas:

1. Opt for vegetable soups as starters

Not only that Vegetable soups are delicious starters but they also help you get the needed nutrition during the Holiday season. Also, opt for cream-less soups with an assortment of vegetables and indulge in the most delectable soups available.

2. Drink plenty of water

Water helps you flush out all the unwanted wastes and keeps your stomach clean and functioning. Water also helps in proper absorption and aids digestion.

3. Choose seasoned fish or turkey

Seasoned fish like salmon are high in protein and so is turkey. These can be good options over other high calorie deli meat and crackling pork. Salmon and turkey can also be used to prepare the main course dish.

4. Always opt for baked or grilled food

In case you are invited to Christmas parties, you will surely be tempted with umpteen delicious delights that could be high in fat content. You can smartly opt for grilled or baked food to avoid intake of too many calories as is the case with fried dishes. A dish such as grilled lean steak, prawns and fish should do the trick.

5. Restrict alcohol

A smart nutrition during Christmas includes avoiding to indulge in alcohol. A simple toast raised during the party or a sip here and there will not do much harm.

6. Eat fruit based desserts

Fruits make for the best nutrition and garnishing them with some low fat custard and low fat ice cream can help you enjoy your dessert without fear of a high calorie intake.

7. Avoid a second helping

As much as you are tempted to take a second helping, restrain yourself and limit your food intake. This is because you would be already eating twice what you normally do.

8. Indulge in sweets but wisely

Christmas time is the time when you can indulge in your favorite cookies and cakes. While there is no need to punish yourself by not eating anything, make sure that you take small portions of your favorites. This will keep your Christmas spirit alive while giving it a healthy and nutritional touch.



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