How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Special Event

How to Choose the Perfect
      Caterer for Your Special Event

Hiring a caterer is an extremely important part of your special event. Choosing the perfect caterer means choosing someone who will work with you and create the image you have in your mind regarding the event you are planning. That goes for everything, but even more so when you are hiring the caterer for your wedding. This generally only happens once in your life and you want it to go perfectly.

So, here’s a list of things you should definitely pay attention to when looking to hire a caterer.

Reviews and References

You should definitely consider taking a close look at their references or at least their food reviews. You want to make sure that not only can they make the menu sound good, but that they can deliver. Check them out, there is nothing better than knowing they have successfully done many other weddings before and people got what they paid for, and maybe even more. So make sure your expectations will be met!


Do you have to have it all ready in your head or are you able to talk to them and ask their opinion, expertise and knowledge to create you menu without any more cost or hassle?

Can they imagine your wedding and your needs or are they selling you a template of someone else’s wedding? You want to make sure your wedding is individualized for you regardless of the cost. Actually, that is the basis for a good caterer.

The front line people

You may really like your chef, however do you know who the people that will be serving and interacting with your guests are? This is an issue that can make a great deal of difference at your event. Your food choices and preparations may be perfect, however if the presentation is rude and non-helpful, you might as well have not bothered. Waiters and bar staffs are the people in the front line and you want to make sure they will not clash with your guests and perfect day.

The style of food serving

Consider the way you serve the meal. A plated dinner will require more wait staff than a buffet, therefore it will obviously be more expensive to serve a sit down dinner. Serving the food family style is an option that is in between buffet and sit down dinner. It requires wait staff, however not as many as the sit down option.

Customer Satisfaction

Make sure to find someone that suits your style, personality and expectations - someone who would put your needs and desires first.

Explore other options, too

How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Special Event

You don’t necessarily have to go with a traditional caterer. There are so many options when it comes to food. You could rent a food truck and serve an assortment of tacos or a pizza oven and let people choose from a variety of toppings. Or, how about your favorite restaurant? The one where you and your fiancé are regulars? See if they do catering and have them prepare your meal. If it’s an Asian restaurant where you and your fiancé are regulars - because there’s nothing like eating your favorite sushi or sashimi, or other seafood dishes - then why

not just go for Asian food catering services? The guests who are not yet sushi lovers, would be given the chance to taste some delicious and healthy Asian food.

Menu Tasting

After you have decided on a menu, be sure to taste it. In case they do not allow for a tasting, turn your back and leave without looking back.

You should always be given the chance to find out how your food will taste and how it all goes together. This is also a good time to choose your wine choices - along with your meal. Whatever drinks you are thinking of serving at the venue as part of your package, should be tried at the tasting.

Finding the perfect caterer is a definite must if you want your event to be a real success. Otherwise you may have to handle some not so pleasant "surprises" that may even ruin your special day. So make sure to do your research on the matter before you go ahead and hire your caterer.



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