How to Choose the Right and Healthy Appetizers for Your Party

The season of parties and gatherings is just around the corner, and surely at least once your turn will come to host a gathering or a dinner party. Therefore, knowing how to choose the right appetizers/food for your party may come in handy and get you properly prepared for the event. Let’s talk about appetizers though, as they are very important and are among the first foods people try when arriving to your party.

The truth is, appetizers do more than keep guests happy until the main course. These starters actually set the tone and mood by providing a first impression of the overall event. For your next dinner party, choose delicious and healthy appetizers that please the palate and provide guests a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Delicious and healthy Asian appetizers at Hannya Restaurants, Brickell

So, your next dinner party should definitely start with a solid plan to help you select the best appetizers that fit the event you are hosting.

Choose your date carefully

Make sure the day you choose for your party doesn't conflict with a big social event or another friend's party. However in this season expect guests to come and go, especially on the weekend dates.

Plan ahead

Try to do as much of your cooking, cleaning, shopping, and decorating as possible before the day of the party. The more you plan ahead, the less rushed and stressed you'll be.

Consider your guest list

Don't just invite all the regulars from your work or your social clubs – try to invite people from different areas of your life, however it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone will know someone. So, be sure to greet your guests and introduce them to others when they arrive.

Know your guests

If you know your guests' tastes, styles, likes and dislikes, you can customize your menu, but consider serving new and different appetizers, too. It is also recommended tossing in a few appetizers that might be a nice surprise for your guests.

When and where will your event take place

Are you hosting a midday brunch, an afternoon tea or a formal evening dinner party? It’s important as the day and time of your event will help you select cold versus hot foods, family or buffet-style and so on.

Always have a veggie appetizer

A veggie appetizer option will please those who want to enjoy something healthful first, knowing that rich dishes or desserts are likely to come, besides, it will please vegetarians, too.

Opt for balance

In case your entrees or larger plate items are going to be meaty, then it’s best to go for mainly vegetables or seafood appetizers, and vice versa.

Consider Asian appetizers – sushi appetizers

Delicious and healthy
      Asian appetizers at Hannya Restaurants, Brickell

Offer healthy appetizers to your guests and experiment with a variety of flavors, colors, textures and shapes. Asian appetizers can pleasantly surprise your friends/guests and transform the evening into a real success. With Asian appetizers and/or sushi appetizers you can never go wrong: they look great, are savory, healthy and colorful. What more could you ask for, right? However, make sure your guests are into Asian food as that will make the evening even more successful.

Order your appetizers online from a good restaurant

Most restaurants have food delivery services, so you could simply order the appetizers you need online and have them delivered to your home or office. This way you don’t have to cook, cut, slice, etc – all you need to do is place the appetizers on plates and make sure they are nicely arranged.

Hire a caterer

Hiring a caterer can make things much easier for you, as you won’t have to worry about any food related issues – it will all be taken care of by professionals.

Have you ever hosted a gathering or dinner party? What appetizers have you chosen and which ones were the most successful ones? Share with us in the comments below.



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