How to Order When Dining Out

Although ordering your food when dining out at a restaurant may seem as a simple act, many people find themselves feeling embarrassed of the way they may or may not behave while ordering out. So, if still not sure about the right way to do it, here are some simple yet helpful tips that may come in handy next time you are dining out.

How to Order When Dining Out

Order drinks first

In case your waiter asks you for your drinks right away, however you're not sure what you want, just consider asking for a water while you look over the drink menu. It's important not to let yourself distracted and order something you're not entirely satisfied with just because your server rushed to your table.

Ask about daily specials

Most restaurants generally have rotating specials that can offer delicious surprises. So, just ask about the vegetable, fish, or soup of the day to make sure you're not missing out on the freshest ingredients or exceptional entrees.

How to Order When Dining Out

Take a look at the menu and place your food order

Generally, by the time the waiter brings your beverages, you can start ordering appetizer. This is where looking at the restaurant’s menu online prior to arriving has its advantages.

  • Be clear with your order

Make sure you've notified your waiter of any allergies you have, or that you would like the meat cooked, or about any special changes from the way the item is listed.

  • Check to see if substitutions are in order

Some restaurants take great pride in their menu options and don't allow any changes made to the entrees. Respect this mandate if substitutions aren't acceptable.

  • Gather the menus when done

When you're done ordering food, make sure to gather your menus and hand them to the waiter at the end of your order.

Ask for recommendations

Waiters have a detailed knowledge of the best options, therefore it's always a great idea to ask for suggestions. Don't be afraid to take their suggestions just because it may be a dish that's foreign to you. You may actually be pleasantly surprised!

Be conclusive

One of the fastest ways to get on your waiter’s bad side is to order the chicken and then switch to the steak after the cooks have already started. Take your time to make sure you're happy with the dish you order, so that the restaurant can run as smoothly as possible.

  • Place other drink or food orders at appropriate times

Timing is an essential factor in a good dining experience, and it is helpful to place orders at times when the waiter can give your request their full attention. So try to always speak clearly and be conclusive.

Now that you know all these tips, you don’t have to feel nervous that you might do something "wrong" when dining out with your family and friends, or even alone. Eating out should be a fun, pleasant experience, not one that makes you feel uncomfortable or confused.

So, happy eating out! Enjoy it!




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