I Tried the Sushi at Hannya and I Loved It!

I know that everyone write about food and health benefits of certain foods – it’s like the new trend of the century. Sure, there are articles that are worth reading with good, real information, however many of the food blogs are only there to blend in the newest trend and of course make the casual bucks of off people who actually believe everything they read.

Well, I am not one of those people, but this time I am going to write about food, more precisely about an experience I’ve had with eating sushi. I have always hated the idea of raw, like raw fish – this being one of the main reason I never wanted to even taste sushi. Oh, and did I mention that you can’t convince me to eat something just because you say it’s healthy?? Well, you can’t, I am someone who needs actual proof and research results to be convinced to even try something I think I may not like.

Anyway, I never thought this day would come, but I have tasted sushi. Not only have I tasted it, but even liked it. I don’t know if it was the delicious taste of the sushi, or the good company (I went out with my best friends) or the great service at Hannya Restaurants (that’s where i’ve tried my first sushi)... but, all in all my sushi experience was great. The truth is I’ve been promised all these before I even considered dining at Hannya, and boy I am glad I wasn’t let down. A bad first sushi experience would have definitely led me to never ever taste sushi again.

I Tried the Sushi at Hannya and I Loved It!

As I was saying, I have read many articles about the benefits of sushi, but here’s one I really liked – it takes the most common ingredients used in making sushi and dissects them one by one, trying to discover whether the sushi ingredients are actually healthy or not healthy for you.

And, after having reviewed all the ingredients, they try to sum up their findings and make an overall determination as to whether we are improving our health when we eat sushi and finally answering the question of is sushi healthy or not.

To read the article and find out whether sushi is healthy or not, visit:
allaboutsushiguide.com/Is-Sushi-Healthy - these guys seem to really know all about sushi. ☺

As I was saying, my experience at Hannya in Brickell was really great and their sushi is truly delicious. So, I have tasted 3 kinds of sushi I totally recommend for you guys to try if you get the chance to visit their restaurant in Brickell. So, here are the photos of their Hannya Roll, California Roll and Vegetable Roll (taken from the Hannya website: www.hannyarestaurants.com.

Try the best sushi rolls in Brickell at Hannya Restaurants

I loved all three of them, and these were my 3 choices: Hannya Roll because, well, we were at Hannya and I always have to taste the food named after the restaurant I’m dining in, the California Roll because everyone talks about it and the Vegetable Roll because it has no raw fish in it. ☺

As I said, all three of my sushi choices were delicious, however if you are not a huge fan of raw fish (like myself), then the Vegetable Roll is definitely for you and you should start out with that, to help you get used to the idea of eating sushi every now and then at least – and enjoy its flavor and health benefits.

So, all in all, I would definitely go back to Hannya and try out other sushi rolls and enjoy the authentic Asian experience – Hannya Restaurants is simply a great place to eat and hang out with your friends or colleagues for lunch or dinner.

To see their Menu online and get to know them better, visit: www.hannyarestaurants.com

Hannya Menus: www.hannyarestaurants.com/Menus/

Have you ever been at Hannya Restaurants? How was your experience and which one(s) is your favorite sushi?



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