Learning Your Manners When Eating Out

Although most of us have learned most good manners since we were at a young age, we need to make sure we are updated on the proper manners when dining out as well.

Here are a few tips - regarding your manners - you need to remember when eating at a restaurant. Check them out and then make a reservation at your favorite restaurant!

  • Enjoy your food and mind your manners

Shared plates are a really common phenomenon, and it can be quite simple to make a culinary error when a number of your favorite, delicious dishes land on the table. However, try to always remember to use the proper utensil and eat from your plate and not the serving platter. Obviously, things also depend on the kind of restaurant you are dining at and your company. Nobody will expect you to eat barbecue spareribs with a knife and fork. ☺

  • Know your utensils

Some restaurants will provide a variety of utensils that can seem intimidating in case you're not familiar with their uses. Make sure to think about the different sizes of spoons, as well as alternative utensils such as chopsticks.

Small stirring spoons are often used for coffee and teas. So, evidently such spoons should stay in your drink.

Soup spoons are deeper and more rounded. They are specifically shaped to ease the process of consuming your soup and are not recommended for other uses.

A place spoon is about 7 inches long and is an all-purpose spoon. This is the most common spoon used at restaurants and can be used for entrees, soups, and desserts alike.

When it comes to salad spoons, these have an elongated shape that are formulated to make salads easier to serve.

  • Follow up with your server about concerns, complaints, or further needs
Learning Your Manners When Eating Out

Make sure to address any issues you may have about the food with your server; a patron may want something sent back to the kitchen to be made again with or without an ingredient. By being straightforward and open about what you would like, the restaurant staff can attempt to correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Give your thanks to the chef and kitchen team

When it comes to it, if you enjoyed your food, make sure to send your thanks to the back-of-house staff as well. In fact, in certain places, you can particularly tip them, and in most others, you can buy them a round of drinks that they can have after their shift.

'Paying the bill' steps when dining out

  • Establish payment with your group beforehand

Make sure everyone is clear who is paying for what so you're not in an awkward situation where someone doesn't have enough money to pay for their food. This is also important in order to be able to easily explain to your server how you want the check divided when it comes down to payment.

  • Ask for the bill when you are almost done with dinner or dessert
Learning Your Manners When Eating Out

Your waiter may bring the bill without being asked, or they might wait for you to initiate it so that they do need seem like they are rushing you out of the restaurant.

  • Check the total of the bill to make sure that there are no errors

Sometimes, the end of a meal-especially one between a number of separately paying parties—can be a chaotic time, and a mistakes can be made. So, make sure that you are paying the correct amount of money for your meal.

  • Pay the bill by credit card or cash

The waiter will bring back any change if needed. Keep in mind that in the United States, a tip for the server is expected to be about 20% of the total bill. Obviously, in case they have given you excellent service above and beyond what was expected of them, you can give them a bigger tip.

What’s your experience when dining out? Do you like eating out with family and friends? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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