People Love... Hannya!

I’ve noticed that when people are in love, all they talk about is their sweetheart and the things they do together, and how that special person in their life makes them happy. The same thing goes for the things we enjoy to do, our hobbies, our jobs, etc. What you love will eventually turn out to be the focus point in your life and will determine what you talk about. What you love will also determine the amount of time you invest in that certain activity you enjoy.

"The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what you like, doing what you love."

I just love this quote by Raphael Saadiq, because I know how important it is to do what you like and love - it truly motivates you.

Sometimes I wonder how many people can honestly say they love what they do on daily basis… It’s few people who actually enjoy their daily work and feel like what they do is inspirational and worthwhile.

Well, even if you don’t find yourself in that category of people who actually like or love what they do, you can always enjoy finding people who do and admire them while getting inspired and motivated. Right?

People Love... Hannya!

And, so, even if I don’t always feel the luckiest when it comes to my work, I have let myself inspired by the work of the guys at Hannya Restaurants. Every time I go there I enjoy the best Asian food in Miami and the friendliest service and environment. From the moment you enter Hannya, it’s clear that the people who work there love their job and are dedicated to provide the best Asian food (sushi is my favorite☺) experience you’ve ever had.

Obviously, after dining there, I started telling everyone about my experience at Hannya and so I discovered that others love this place as much as I do. ☺

Here’s a review I really liked and would like to share with you:

"If you’re a fan of Akashi, and just plain good ol’ sushi, you’ll very much appreciate Hannya. It’s a guaranteed good sushi meal that stems from an establishment in Miami that’s stood the test of time..."

"The fish is so good that the other ingredients can sometimes be seen as distractions. As so, we appreciate that the fish at Hannya is the biggest selling point."

"The Hannya Salad turned out to be the night’s most standout dish."

People Love... Hannya!

If you want to read more about the review, please visit:

If you haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy any of the food from Hannya, make sure you grant yourself the pleasure of dropping by and tasting their delicious food. And don’t forget to try their sushi, whichever you’d like – they are all amazing. ☺ Check out some info I found on their website about the Chef, Chi:

And, I’ll just leave you with one last quote about doing what you love:

"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life." - Wayne Dyer

Have an awesome week, everyone!



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