People talk... About Hannya!

We all know that people talk... they talk about what they see, what they like, what they want, what they eat, news, etc. And when people talk, they generally talk about their likes and dislikes, telling their opinion and what they wish for. What we‘ve seen is that when people are truly satisfied with what they get, not only that the feedbacks are positive but the news generally becomes 'viral'. The same thing goes for negative feedbacks, but now we want to focus on the positive. ☺

So, to continue on a positive note, we have found out that people are actually talking about Hannya Restaurants, and not only that they are talking, but what they say is awesome. Each time we find out about great reviews about our restaurant, it makes our day. So, we are happy! We are happy to see that people truly appreciate our food and our services. We always knew that hard work, quality food and quality services combined with passion and dedication would finally pay off – and here we are now, with satisfied customers and friends who come by our restaurant to enjoy our delicious Asian food cooked by our talented Chef, Chi. Some of our customers have become regulars at Hannya, and they even became friends for whom Hannya has become like a second home. Well, what can we say, except that…we are happy, truly happy! ☺ And for this we want to thank YOU, YOU who talk so exceptionally nice about the food at Hannya! Any good review truly makes our day and motivates us even more to deliver the best food and services for our customers and friends!

People talk... About Hannya!

"The menu is large (5 pages), so when you go I suggest telling the waitress what you like and getting suggestions. There’s everything from temaki and riceless sushi rolls to stir fries and noodles. We asked the waitress for her recommendations, and we couldn’t have been happier with the choices. The rolls to order are the Hannya which they say is a 'must' and I agree - it’s rolled with spicy tuna, salmon, whitefish, avocado, jalapeno and topped with masago, sea scallops and sesame seeds".

"The service is friendly and attentive and there’s indoor and outdoor dining along with bar seating".

To read more about this wonderful review that has made our day, please go to:

If you want to come by and have a great Hannya experience, we are waiting for you with a delicious Asian Menu and a "friendly and attentive" service!

If YOU, our customer, are happy, then we are happy, happy, too! ☺

Have you had the Hannya experience yet? How was it? We would love to hear your feedback, so share your experience with us in the comments below.



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