Simple Ways to Add Seaweed into Your Diet

Seaweed is obviously not the most appetizing looking seasoning, however the University of Southern Denmark discovered that just a teaspoon of dried seaweed (5-10g) a day could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact there may be more benefits to eating seaweed than you first thought.

So, here are five great ways to add a sprinkling of seaweed to your diet without even noticing it:

Healthy, delicious sushi rolls and temaki with seaweed at Hannya Restaurants in Brickell, Miami

Seaweed salt

Instead of a grinding of salt over your meal, try a sprinkling of seaweed. According to the study conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, seaweed contains potassium salt, which has the same flavor-enriching effect without increasing your blood pressure in the way that ordinary table salt does.

In smoothies

Whether you blend a smoothie to enjoy as part of your breakfast every day or you treat yourself once a week, add a spoonful of seaweed to the mix.

In bread

In case you are an enthusiastic bread maker, a great and discreet way to include seaweed into your diet is to add seaweed to your dough before baking. The study by the University of Southern Denmark calculated that you can mix in up to 5% of the dough’s total weight in dried seaweed without it losing its ability to rise.

In pastry

It isn’t recommended that you add seaweed to your jam tarts and sweet desserts, however in a delicious pie or dish that uses pastry, a teaspoon of seaweed sprinkled into the dough mixture is not noticeable at all.

Nori sheets

These thin pieces of shredded edible seaweed that have been pressed tightly into a sheet can be sliced up as a salad topper to give an extra crunch or, just in case you’re feeling confident in your culinary abilities, try sushi for a delicious way to get these great, crispy sheets into your diet.

To have an awesome Asian culinary experience visit Hannya Restaurants in Brickell and try their sushi rolls or temaki for a wonderful seaweed intake in the most delicious form.

Healthy, delicious sushi rolls and temaki with seaweed at Hannya Restaurants in Brickell, Miami




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