Sushi is an Excellent Food Choice for Your Health

With all the information around us, and with Social Media making sure we are all well informed ☺, there’s no way you haven’t heard or read some great ways you can keep an eye on your health and tips to maintain a good body health. While not everything you hear may work for you, there are few things you can surely improve when it comes to your lifestyle and especially the way you eat.

It is a known fact that Japanese people are among the healthiest in the world. Well, scientists believe this has a lot to do with the way they eat and the amount of seafood they consume. And, this includes sushi.

The average Japanese diet consists of fish, vegetables, and rice, which shows that their diets are naturally low in fat. The average seafood consumption of Japanese people is around one hundred grams in dishes like tempura, sashimi, and different sushi types.

Authentic sushi and sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami Sushi Rolls at Akashi Brickell, Miami

Two of the fantastic health benefits of a diet that includes sushi are: lower rates of heart disease and lower blood pressure. Also, researchers are investigating the possibility that a diet which contains a regular intake of sushi may even protect smokers from lung cancer. Additionally, by including wasabi to your diet (the green paste that you often see on the side of sushi platters) when consuming sushi is also linked with cancer prevention.

Sushi health facts

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Seafood is one of the greatest sources of omega-3, and sushi rolls are a delicious and efficient way to get it. For the biggest boost, opt for salmon, trout, or tuna rolls.

  • Protein

Another amazing benefit of eating sushi is the huge amount of lean protein it provides. A single, high quality salmon or tuna roll can contain as much as twenty grams of protein. That's about the same amount of protein you can get from five hard-boiled egg whites or eighty-seven grams of turkey.

  • Iodine, calcium, iron, and copper

These essential nutrients are found in abundance in the seaweed used in many types of sushi rolls.

  • Low calorie

Fish is a low-calorie food, which means sushi can be low calorie as well.

Healthiest rolls you can opt for

  • Most raw salmon rolls will be on the healthier side.
  • Rainbow rolls.
  • California rolls.

Authentic sushi and sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami Rainbow Rolls & California Rolls at Akashi Brickell, Miami

  • Most raw tuna rolls fall into the list of healthier sushi options. You may want to avoid "spicy" varieties, as the sauce is generally made of mayo.
  • Salmon, tuna, or trout rolls.
  • If possible, choose sushi rolls with no added sugar.
  • Consider sashimi—sushi without rice.

Authentic sushi and sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami Sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami

Authentic sushi and sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami Riceless Sushi at Akashi Brickell, Miami

At Akashi Brickell you’ll find the authentic, healthy and delicious sushi you are looking for. In fact, whatever your appetite fancies, whether it's sushi or cooked, their menu offers a colorful variety of authentic Japanese fare.

A man devoted to his craft, Chi – the Chef at Akashi Brickell - enjoys his work while decapitating tuna and slicing fish into thin pieces. Chi slices them thinner than those at other sushi bars so the whole slice can fit in your mouth. "A big part of Japanese food, and sushi especially, is texture. Fish is very subtle, so when you have an overwhelming piece of sushi, you can't fully taste everything," Chi says. "The way we started slicing ours over a decade ago allows you to really taste the texture."

Authentic sushi and sashimi at Akashi Brickell, Miami

So, visit Akashi Brickell - their expert sushi bar chefs and versatile culinary staff will dazzle you with Akashi's unique specialties that will keep you coming back for more... and more.



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