You Need These Amazing Sushi Health Benefits!

Eating a well-balanced, diverse diet is the best way to stay healthy, so it’s important to know the health benefits of certain foods, especially the ones that you really love.

Now, if sushi is your true love as well, then maybe it’s time you knew some of these amazing health benefits that you’ll get while enjoying this absolutely delicious Asian food.

Hannya Sushi Rolls – The best Sushi in town!

For most people who have ever tasted sushi, it’s really difficult not to eat sushi on regular basis, mostly because it’s super delicious. Of course, not all selections are the best choices for your health, however mixing and matching ingredients allows you to create a few rolls that are packed with vitamins and minerals. So, just go ahead and grab that take-out menu and order your favorite sushi as now you’ll also know the health benefits of eating your favorite dish!

  • Low in calories

This does not apply to all the sushi varieties, however many sushi rolls contain very few calories – and this makes them a perfect addition to your diet in case you want to lose weight or control your current weight. Choose the rolls that contain lots of vegetables, like carrots, cucumber and avocado and go easy on rolls that contain mayonnaise, cream cheese or other creamy fillings.

Fish is also quite low in calories, therefore sushi rolls that have salmon, tuna or shrimp are other great choices.

  • Contains Protein

Protein is essential for healthy muscle function and it also helps in muscle recovery after exercise. Protein is abundant in meat, including fish, which means your average sushi roll is going to contain a good amount. Generally try to opt for lean fillings in your sushi, like shrimp and tuna. This way you’ll get some protein, without the large quantity of fat.

  • Protects the Heart

Many sushi ingredients are extremely beneficial for your heart. Sushi rolls with brown rice give you a quantity of whole grains that help keep cholesterol in check. Add some avocado and eel for omega-3 fatty acids, which also help keep your heart healthy and strong. Make sure your choices don’t include high quantities of sugary sauces or soy sauce - both of these can counteract these health benefits, regardless of how tasty they are.

Hannya Sushi Rolls – The best Sushi in town!

  • Contains Antioxidants

By opting for sushi rolls made with vegetables, you’re doing something fantastic for your health. Most veggies contain antioxidants, which counteract free radical damage and keep you looking and feeling young and healthy. Additionally antioxidants can help ward off many frightening health issues, including cancer and heart disease.

  • Contains Trace Minerals

Trace minerals also play a role in your overall health. The seaweed in sushi contains concentrated amounts of many minerals, including copper, magnesium and iodine.

  • Gives Energy

In case you suffer from mid-afternoon slump, put down the chocolate bar and grab a couple of sushi rolls instead. The rice contains carbohydrates, which is your body’s main source of fuel. Additionally any vegetables in the sushi offer up carbohydrates.

  • Helps Digestion

Many types of sushi contain rice vinegar, even though you don’t realize it’s in there. Rice vinegar is gentle on your digestive system and can help in keeping your digestion functioning as it should – and just a couple of sushi rolls are perfect for you.

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